Alex Crispin    ‘Watersending EP’  (2020)

1. Inconsi
2. Watersending
3. Effert
Alex Crispin ⋯ Keyboards, Guitars, Percussion, Vocals
Luke Foster ⋯ Percussion, Drums
Joe Hollick ⋯ Guitars on 'Effert'
Recorded and Produced by Alex Crispin

The greatest musicians have many facets to their talents.  The recent output of Alex Crispin attests to this: from the haunting anthems on the last Baron LP, 'Torpor', to the blissful psychedelic prog of Diagonal's 'Arc' via several shimmering new age excursions as a solo artist.  His new EP, 'Watersending' distills these elements into a dazzling triptych of songs.

The plaintive mathematical synth at the beginning of opener 'Inconsi' usher in Crispin's yearning voice, intoning that he feels like a child again.  Indeed there is a playful languor to these recordings.  With longstanding accomplice, Luke Foster, contributing precise and understated drums, the songs meander with sophisticated purpose.  The title cut is lyrical and exotic, carried on a mercurial lyric and Foster's elegant cymbal washes. Crispin's metallophone is the quiet star of the show on it and the closer 'Effert', which conjures up the Blue Nile backed by a gamelan troupe. Joe Hollick formerly of pastoral-fuzz group Wolf People features on guitar here, his jazz-inflected phrases the perfect foil for Crispin's mournful meditations and blooming bass.

This collection demonstrates not just Crispin's eclectic taste and talent but the essential oneness of music.  For all the endless categorisations of journalists, 'Watersending' is a sound world in which psych can sit next to sophisti-pop and ambient and new age share a bed with jazz.