Alex Crispin    ‘Escape the Dark Castle O.S.T’  (2018)

1. Freedom Is Death
2. Endless Dark
3. Cult Procession
4. The Hell Tower
5. Buried Alive
6. Your Journey Ends Here
Alex Crispin ⋯ Casio CZ-1000, Casio SK-200, Effects, Dungeon Noises
Tom Pike ⋯ Dungeon Noises
Recorded and Produced by Alex Crispin

Cassette ○ Sold Out

“Eerie drones and ambient sounds, make you instantly aware of the dark, damp dungeon around you. The threat is looming and intensely oppressing as the first song starts. Dark, long tracks, like ‘Endless Dark’ and ‘Cult Procession’ imbibe your experience with the inescapability of the situation you find yourself in. Trapped in the prison with only one thing left to do: to escape. With this soundtrack, you absolutely know how thrilling a game can be if the vibe and story are right.”– Stranger Aeons

Original Soundtrack to the game ‘Escape the Dark Castle’ published by Themeborne.